“Work Like A Walk-on” Trailer- New Episodes Coming Soon (Video)

The work keeps going, the cameras keep rolling. The “Work Like A Walk-on” Docu-webseries, produced by Dwight Gentry, shot by Thomas Biggars, is heating up all the way from Mexico.

“Work Like A Walk-on” follows the rise of professional athlete Dwight Gentry, as he takes his basketball ambition and work ethic to new heights. Each episode chronicles his progress from his early days as a walk-on in an empty gym, to more recent accomplishments such as performing as an appointed All-Star player in a packed arena in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico.  Always up to new challenges and new frontiers, Gentry gives you an unfiltered, unscripted, unexpected look into the life of a walk-on, whose journey is far from over.

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Watch Previous Episodes: [View Here]

Shop Apparel at: [Shop Here]



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