“Shine Like An All-Star”- Gentry earns All-Star selection in Liga de Basquetbol Estatal.

#JuegoDeEstrellasLBE2017  banner

Dwight Gentry gains national attention in the Liga de Basquetbol Estatal (LBE). Gentry is expected to participate in the All-Star competition, Sunday, March 26 at 6p at Gimnasio Municipal Delicias in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico.


Stacked up against the best of the best, Gentry will be in competition with other high performing players from around the league, in front of adoring fans, many from all over the country rooting for their favorites from around the world.

In addition to game festivities, “sharp shooting” Gentry, puts his accuracy to the test and will be on display during the 3 point shoot out.

Check out Episode 4 of Work Like A Walk-on, where Gentry returns to his almamater and goes through his shooting routine with Zack Buncik.


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